Anthony (98462) and Jonathan (87546) were two blue engines that were on trials years ago.


In 1922 When Edward was stuck in the shed not being used The Fat Director ordered two blue engine for trials: An LNER B12 and LNER B7 named Anthony and Jonathan.

Things didn't go well as the two were rude, spiteful and nasty towards everyone that is until one day they were assigned jobs: Anthony was to take a passenger train while Jonathan had to go up the line light engine to collect a goods train. Anthony became overconfident and passed a red signal where he saw Jonathan going down the same line, He crashed into the Jonathan derailing himself and his colleague. After Edward cleared up the mess He took them back to the sheds were The Fat Director was waiting. He wasn't happy with how they treated his engines and decided to banish them back to The Other Railway.

When they returned to The Other Railway they worked for a few years until they got into another accident which didn't please a manager one bit so the railway decided since they don't listen, learn or have any respect. They would be cut them up never to ride the rails again.

When Edward was as Crovan's Gate works for an overhaul He told the story about the two engines to Sir Handel, Duncan and Skarloey.


Both engines are rude, nasty and spiteful.