The BR Steam Engines were engines that worked for British Railways from 1948 to 1968.

Standard 4MTs

The Green Knight and a Black 4MT were part of the Standardization plan in the 1940's and 50's only The Green Knight survived into preservation while the Black 4MT didn't make it.


There where many Jubilee locos that worked for BR, One was called Western Australia he was allocated to a shed with Murdoch, Duke of Gloucester, Two Standard 4MT's & A J50 Tank. He was scrapped in 1960.


J50s worked for BR and one was allocated to a shed sharing with Murdoch, Duke of Gloucester, Western Australia and Two Standard 4MT's. This J50 worked until left in 1960 and scrapped three years later.


Like J50s these tank engines worked for BR, One could be seen scurrying at a station He was withdrawn and left on siding until being scrapped in 1964.


9F's were part of the Standardization plan in the 40's and 50's and were the last batch of Steam locomotives. Murdoch is a member of this class and some were fitted with a Franco Crosti boiler, Evening Star, Murdoch and few other members survived into preservation.

Robinson O4s

These engines worked for BR on Coal trains to and from the UK, Only one of the class has been preserved.

Caledonian Pugs

These small tank engines were somewhat similar to The LMS Pugs, They worked at small yards and factories until being scrapped in 1960's but one went missing the year after and hasn't been found ever since.


These engines worked on the LNER and later on British Railways in the 40's to the 60's. Flying Scotsman was is one of these engines.


the A1's worked for the LNER and later British Railways until being scrapped in the 60's but a replica was built in 2008 named Tornado and is still being used to this day.


Many Britannia's worked on the network until being scrapped in 1960's but two managed to survived in preservation. one was named after the class while other was named Oliver Cromwell.

GWR Hall's

LMS Jinty's


Murdoch Remembers!