Bear (D7101) is a diesel who currently pull passenger and goods on the mainline. He is one of larger diesels there.


Bear came to Sodor in 1967 on trial with another Class 45 numbered D199, Bear was more behaved then D199 and told him to shut up in the sheds after D199 was being rude to the steam engines. When his ejector had failed Bear was unable to move and left stranded on the mainline until Henry (who was towing a failed D199 with his oil tankers) came to help the train, Bear with Henry puffing in the middle and D199 sulking behind arrived at the station where Donald and The Flying Scotsman where the waiting. The Fat Controller told Donald to take the goods and D199 back to the other railway while Bear was to remain on Sodor.

Soon The Fat Controller decided to keep Bear and make him part of the NWR, The engines noticed that he growls loudly almost like a bear. So the name stuck but Bear didn't mind he found it better than a number any day.

Later Bear was pulling a maintenance train up the line when he saw D261 with a goods, D261 didn't like to see a disgrace of loco nearby him. Bear didn't find that expectable and told him that he will get his comeuppance sooner or later, D261 seethed with anger and roared away without another word!

Bear Grumbled to Henry when George bragged about how roads are far better then Rails.


Bear is loyal, friendly diesel who has strange moments of growl at the inappropriate of moments. He is also rather happy to be named Bear instead of a number!