Duck (Aka Montague) is a green pannier tank engine that currently runs his own branch line by the sea with Oliver, Toad, Donald and Douglas.


Duck was built by North British Locomotive Company and worked at Paddington until in 1955 moved to Sodor to assist with work while Percy helps on Thomas' Branch. Duck worked hard and didn't fuss, Gordon, James and Henry made fun by quacking loudly at him Duck soon formed a plan with Percy and the two calmly sat on the points blocking the big engines from the sheds, After that Duck was left to manage alone on the mainline.

Duck soon meet the new engine who turned out to be the same diesel that sucked an bowler hat on his first visit. Then Duck soothed Gordon after Spencer boasted about his class not taking goods train until when he lost the tail lamp Duck went down the line and stopped to drop off Spencer's fireman.

Later he rolled his eyes as he passed George who was bragging about the roads.


Duck is hard-working, kind and stands for no nonsense, He is very proud of being Great Western and says that there are two ways of doing things: the Great Western way or the wrong way.