Fred is one of the troublesome trucks on the railway


Fred Pelhay was owned by National Coal Broad (N.C.B) many years ago but one day a man who also named Fred decided to buy him for his private coal company on Sodor.

Fred Pelhay was moved from yard to yard until he found himself on The Little Western, When Oliver came home from his accident in the Turntable Well,

Fred Pelhay laughed and joined in with rude songs lead by S.C.Ruffey. But when the old ballast truck was pulled apart by Oliver, Fred decided to stay away from Oliver and hope that he doesn't end up like that.


Fred Pelhay was happy with his life at the National Coal Broad (N.C.B) but when He bought and sent to Sodor, He became grumpy and rather unhappy. But like other trucks he can be rude, loud and troublesome.