Molly is a yellow tender engine that works around the island of Sodor.


Molly was built in 1911 by the GER Stratford Works, she was used to pull express trains on the other railway but over the years a few of her classmates was given a rebuilt but Molly didn't get hers until it was too late and worked until 1951 where she was withdrawn and left rusting away on a siding out of the way. Molly hoped that one day she'd be saved and that soon came when The Fat Controller bought her to help out on his railway and was given a new life with new friends, big and small.


Molly is a happy and strong engine who can pull any train given to her, but sometimes she can be shy when asking for help or trying to make friends. In addition to this she can be sensitive about what others think of her and would feel like she wasn't important to anyone. Despite this she is keeps her spirts high and is proud to be apart of the fleet.


Yet to appear in the series.