Oliver 1

Oliver is the No: 11 green tank engine on the NWR. He is one of the bravest engines there. He currently works with Toad, Duck, Donald and Douglas on The Little Western but sometimes does odd jobs on the mainline.


Oliver was built at Swindon Works in 1934 and worked on small passenger and goods train up and the GWR. Somewhere in the 1960's Oliver ran away with Toad (who was his brakevan at the time) feared that they would be scrapped, The two there hidden by friendly signalmen then the diesels growled outside with there trains but soon Oliver had ran out of coal and was found and brought to the other railway there Douglas luckily saved them from the cutter's torch and took the back to NWR. Soon Oliver and Toad were mended and painted in GW colours, They soon became residents of Duck's branchline with Donald & Douglas The bigger engines laughed at first and nicknamed it 'The Little Western' Duck as well as Oliver liked this and so 'The Little Western' it will always be.


Oliver used to be conceited and became very puffed up in the smokebox if any of the engines admire him but when some trucks pushed him into a turntable well, He grew humble, settled and was now well aware of trucks. Oliver is also feels his responsibility on the railway deeply and is ever thankful of Douglas for saving him from scrap. He can be very plucky and trustworthy.