The Original NWR Engines is the first Audiobook of Sodor's Tales

Story 1: Trails

When Edward wasn't feeling well The Fat Controller decided to send him to Crovan's Gate where the little engines live, Sir Handel and Duncan were shunting trucks in the yards pushing them roughly while grumbling dreadfully. Edward noticed this and told them that they'd better be careful or otherwise they'll end up like Anthony and Jonathan which Skarloey was curious of, They asked if Edward would tell them what happened to them and Edward did so.

Story 2: A Pen-pal's Letter

Soon Edward was in the works having his part reworked as the workman did so Edward noticed Duke close by looking battered and asked him what happened. Duke told him that some trucks broke away and rammed into him at the incline Peter Sam was there and kindly told Duke to works. Edward thought about this and said Peter Sam reminded him of a red engine called Richie, Duke asked if this was another engine that used to work on railway as Skarloey had told him about Anthony and Jonathan last night, Edward said yes and told him the story.

Story 3: Broken Parts

A few days pasted after Sir Handel and Duncan heard the story about Anthony and Jonathan they would say another word as they worked which the other little engines thought it a great joke, Peter Sam teased them saying that those engines might give them the silence treatment Sir Handel snorted crossly but Duke comforted him and Duncan and remember when he told them about Stanley and how they were quiet then. Edward had his overhaul done and was placed on the siding near the little engines were Edward noticed that Sir Handel and Duncan were still not talking and decide to tell them the story of Diana and how she was given another chance.

Story 4: A Second Chance


Edward, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Duncan, Anthony and Jonathan, Gordon, Henry, James (Cameo), Derek, Richie, Diana, Thomas, Duke, Peter Sam, Donald and Douglas (Cameo), Percy (Cameo), Murdoch (Cameo), BoCo (Cameo), Salty (Cameo), Stanley (Mentioned)