The Trucks also know as Troublesome Trucks are wagons used to transport goods, cars, lorries and other things on The Fat Controller's Railway, They are rather tedious band of characters.


The Trucks are troublesome pair of wagons that cause a get deal of problems for engines, Many of them had plenty accidents with them and hate the trucks a lot especially James, Henry, Spencer, Percy, Gordon and Thomas.

A few of the accidents/incidents include: Pushing locomotives down hills, Slipping there brakes on, Holding the engines back and singing really stupid songs as they go along the line.


The Trucks are rude, nasty, naughty and stupid bunch that don't care how big there are as though there eyes its just a game. although some of them are wise as they learnt from pass mistakes and keep quiet whenever an engine arrives that may have bumped or scared them in the past.


Many of them have appeared in nearly all episodes.