Toad is Oliver's humble brake van, He is one of gentlemanly brake van and currently works with Oliver, Duck, Donald and Douglas. but he been seen on other trains on the mainline.


Toad was built by Swindon Works and was used for goods works on the GWR until escaped with Oliver from the cutter's torch when Oliver ran out of coal there were sent to the other railway when Douglas saved him and Oliver and took them to NWR, Toad was soon mended in GW colors and now he works on Duck's branchline. Though sometimes Toad is borrowed from the branch to help other goods trains out on the mainline.


Toad is gentlemanly brakevan who is always polite and minds his manners well, He also quickly to refers the engines Mr. or Miss whenever he say anything to them. He is somewhat imaginative and a little bit of a optimist and can be calm, obedient and is content about his work.